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Fuel Systems

  • Complete fuel system supplied with pumps and fittings
  • Includes 700hp Bosch motor sport efi engine supply pump
  • Includes 120galon/hr Carter lift pump
  • Unique hot fuel return bypass
  • Specially designed triple coated finish
  • Turboshop manufacture all its products in Australia

The Turboshop anti-surge fuel system is a uniquely designed fully intergraded system, designed to eliminate fuel surge in high performance vehicles. Drift drag and circuit cars can all benefit from the elimination of fuel surge. Fuel surge can destroy an engine due to the engine leaning out at high boost and high revs. An anti-surge system is the easiest way to avoid dangerous fuel surge.

The unique hot fuel return bypass sends hot fuel returning from the engines fuel rail to the cars fuel tank rather than to the fuel system where its expanded state would reduce fuel volume. Where the design becomes unique is the fact that in the event that the anti-surge tank fuel level may drop due to a long boosted run by a high horsepower car, the fuel hot fuel returning will be deviated back to the fuel system for extra insurance against the anti-surge tank running dry.

The specially designed triple coat finish has been formulated for turboshop and provides a tough durable finish that is quite at home on the neatest of show cars.

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