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Intergraded Overflow Tanks

  • Oil breather tank
  • Water overflow tank
  • Power steering reservoir (optional)
  • High quality stainless steel tanks
  • Anodized alloy mounting bracket

A brilliant way to set your engine bay apart from the rest, giving a great custom look with a simple easy install.

The Oil breather tank has an internal oil/air separator. This allows the vacuum air to be returned to the intake free of oil. The tank is an oil return system so it lets oil drain back to the engine rather than you having to empty the tank as you do with many “catch can” systems on the market.

The water overflow tank is a great upgrade to most engine bays, as it replaces the generally cracked and stained old plastic tank. It is also a brilliant install for engine swaps rather than trying to adapt an old tank from another car.

The optional power steering reservoir eliminates the usually ugly and bulky factory unit. The power steering reservoir is a little more complex to install needing some power steering lines to be re routed. Turboshop can provide assistance with these types of installations. This product is designed and manufactured by Turboshop in Australia.

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