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Oil Breather Systems

Turboshop design and manufacture a great range of oil breather systems. We specialize in breather setups with oil air separators. With oil breathing a must for turbo and high revving engines, go with a setup that is proven in functionality and first class in quality and ascetics.

Oil Breather Tank

Our simple great looking oil breather tank fits well in many engine bays and a great fit in VL commodores behind the strut tower. It take advantage of oil air separating baffles and runs a clean air return tube, which is to be plumbed back to your air cleaner.

Once the oil and air have been separated the oil is drained back to your engine via the drain tube at the bottom. These systems are completely street legal, as no pollutants are vented to the atmosphere.

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Oil Breather Tank


Race Tank

Race tank! This amazing looking oil breather system is for those big horsepower, big breathing engines. They run a very intricate oil air separator system to maximize air flow so as not to build up pressure. These systems vent separated air out through the filters so they are recommended for track use only.

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Race Tank


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